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torsdag 4. april 2019

March 2019

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A new tempo session run 🏃 with a 10k test race March 2nd.
4-5 degrees Celcius and a solo race after the first 500m didn’t stop me from having another 10k PB. Almost 30 sec improvement from my last PB 4 weeks ago where I had even better conditions.
3 years since my last peak shape in 2016 and finally I can say that I’m back and in better shape than ever. It’s been exactly 2 years since I was allowed to start training again after my Heart Inflammation (Myocarditis), and the road back has been so much longer than expected, especially for the run. But still I’ve had a lot of awesome races the past 1,5 year and I’m so happy that I’m able to be active and enjoy triathlon 🙏
Mid-March it was time for camp #2 of the year.
This time I was joining the NextLevelCamp, Pro & Top AG only. Wow, what a week and what a great bunch of people. It was an awesome group and it has been really inspiring to experience the level and kindness of these quality athletes ❤️👌

Straight from here, a couple of friends from home came down to Mallorca and we pushed on to awesome camp #3 with even more cycling 🚴‍♂️.
This has been even better than I hoped for 🙏

Testing out the New awesome Santini REDUX Trisuit for a brick session.


What comes next?
Awesomeness of course 🌞🤩🏊🚴‍♂️🏃
April will bring more sun, absorb the training load and the first triathlon race of the season is already happening in Challenge Salou April 7th, 1.9km Swim🏊-90km bike🚴‍♂️-21.1km Run🏃!
It’s a bit early for me to start racing, but my goal for this event is to  have a well portioned race, get an idea of where my Fitness is in the different disciplines for the next block’s training focus, and also to qualify for the Challenge World Championship in Samorin, Slovakia, June 2nd. Fingers x-ed 🤞

As always, thanks for the continous support and cooperation, , Fokus Naprapatklinikk Sola, Racing Depot,
Your support is really important for me and I’m so thankful!

fredag 1. mars 2019

February 2019

February recap post Mallorca training camp #1
The weather and training possibilities became excellent and well above expectations for the West coast of Norway in February 🌞🌤️, awesome timing after staying in Mallorca while it was snow❄️ and ice☄️ back home. 😍🙏 

Some great club sessions with my swim club Stavanger Svømmeklubb and my run & Tri Club, Spirit has been lifting my shape another notch up. 💪🏊🏃🏊🏃🙏

It’s been another month with focus on running and we have put in a bunch of swimming as well to get a solid total training load without pushing the legs too hard, too soon.

Planning ahead
The next months will be super exciting🤩! Combined with smart recovery and a healthy body, this will set me up for my fastest season ever!🤫
Next month will be more running🏃 and swimming🏊, but half way in, the next Mallorca stay will commence and I will get back into more and longer bike🚴🚵 sessions again. Now the real work and awesomeness is ready to happen 😍

mandag 4. februar 2019

January 2019

Testing, racing and training is all going according to plan and is showing a better January than ever! 
From January 12th, running a 10k organized by my Running and Tri Club, @spirit_friidrett
Yes, it was hard and windy! Best January 10k ever.
Pic: 📸 @steffenthorsen
From Winter in Norway to great training conditions in Mallorca. A good block of training in Camp #1 of the year was finished off with a
New all time Personal Best on a 10k run🏃😁👏👏👏
Race recap:
I'm still improving & it's only February 🧡🔥
Today it was Sa Pobla half marathon and 10k, with Sa Pobla potatoes🥔 and Sa Pobla socks for everyone 👏👏👏
As part of this years first training block here on #mallorca coming to an end, we have put in a hard 10k without easing up on training, except for the day before with "just" a 70min strength swim🏊 and a 7k run🏃 race prep 😉 Happy with the response from my body today and had a great day of training and eating with friends 😍

Mallorca camp #1 recap:
Let's just hope that it's not my 2019 peak arriving early 🤔🤞😉
Now it's time to get dressed for some colder weeks back in #Norway 🇧🇻

fredag 27. april 2018

2018 - Nettside oppdatert

En oppdatering er nå gjort på denne nettsiden mht resultater, kommende konkurranser, info om meg og mitt samarbeidsteam.
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