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fredag 1. mars 2019

February 2019

February recap post Mallorca training camp #1
The weather and training possibilities became excellent and well above expectations for the West coast of Norway in February 🌞🌤️, awesome timing after staying in Mallorca while it was snow❄️ and ice☄️ back home. 😍🙏 

Some great club sessions with my swim club Stavanger Svømmeklubb and my run & Tri Club, Spirit has been lifting my shape another notch up. 💪🏊🏃🏊🏃🙏

It’s been another month with focus on running and we have put in a bunch of swimming as well to get a solid total training load without pushing the legs too hard, too soon.

Planning ahead
The next months will be super exciting🤩! Combined with smart recovery and a healthy body, this will set me up for my fastest season ever!🤫
Next month will be more running🏃 and swimming🏊, but half way in, the next Mallorca stay will commence and I will get back into more and longer bike🚴🚵 sessions again. Now the real work and awesomeness is ready to happen 😍

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